• Measured Survey - for Feasibility purposes

Book now survey plans for Feasibility drawing purposes. We will send you the survey drawings in PDF format via Email within 5 working days post the date on which survey was successfully completed.


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Drawings/items included Site plan; Floor plans; Elevations; Note: The scale and paper size may vary subject to site or building area. The drawing accuracy will be direct reflection ease of access to various parts of building and site.
Product Use suitable for
Fit for Feasibility/Preapplication/Planning drawings
Not fit for Building Control notice application and any other use not recommended by us
Method of survey Manual survey using a measuring tape. All horizontal measurements are recorded at a height approx. 1.2m where feasible.
Tools Digital laser or manual tape, and a camera. No hire of special tools or access platform, access to upper parts by only using stairs or lift available on site.
Important Note
Please read 1. Please enquire for a site bigger than 10 rooms or above 5000sqft before placing the order.... 2. Product delivery is subject to appointment availability and our Terms & Conditions.... 3. We reserve right to review our price or cancel your order anytime. VAT will be applicable on the above prices and will be added in your shopping cart for full price.... 4. Guaranteed product delivery on the date we assign or else full money refunded to your account. For more details please read our ‘Delivery Information’ section below... 5.We will not track status of your application if its not included in the product description... 6.The authority may ask for more information which is not included in this product, we will be happy to give you quote for additional information requested....7.Government Fees and any other fees is not included in this product price.

Measured Survey - for Feasibility purposes

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