• Plans for Subdivision of House (Stage-2 Full Planning) Plans for Subdivision of House (Stage-2 Full Planning) Plans for Subdivision of House (Stage-2 Full Planning) Plans for Subdivision of House (Stage-2 Full Planning) Plans for Subdivision of House (Stage-2 Full Planning) Plans for Subdivision of House (Stage-2 Full Planning) Plans for Subdivision of House (Stage-2 Full Planning)
    Plans for Subdivision of House (Stage-2 Full Planning)

Book now our all-in-one guaranteed product for sudivision of house into flats  for full planning permission which includes the following:

Site Visit + Plans + Planning Application Submission and Tracking + Negotiation with local authority

Simply type in your preapplication advice report reference in the description box and one of our agent will contact you with our FREE assessment. (Note: Preapplication submission is the stage 1 process and Full Planning submission is the stage 2 process, if you have not done stage 1 then add 'Plans for Subdivision of House (Stage-1 Preapplication)' from relevant product below).

Post the assessment we will organise a visit to your property. We will produce all the necessary Plans and Documentations, and will Submit to the authority within 10 working days post our visit.

This product is 100% Money Back Guaranteed for 'No Win No Fee' (which means you will get full refund of our price if we can not achieve permission).

Our online payment system is fully secured. At the completion of the checkout you will be shown our bank details in which you will be asked to transfer money into through online banking or by visiting your local branch.

Select 'Site Location Zone' from the drop down menu for accurate price. VAT will be added on the above price.

Available Payment Options:

Option 1

Pay in full via bank transfer after checkout.

Option 2

Pay in two equal installments including small admin fee of £50 + VAT per invoice, contact via email or dial helpline or use chat service line. 

You are buying the following items:
Drawings/items included 1) Site Visit of your property if required.... 2) Plans: Site location plan; Existing Floor Plans; Existing Elevations; Proposed Floor Plan; Proposed Elevations; Proposed Sections.... 3) Planning Submission and Tracking.... 4) Negotiation with Local Authority until decision is reached. Note: The scale and paper size may vary subject to site or building area. The drawing accuracy may vary due to condition of survey.
Product Use suitable for
Fit for Full Planning application purposes
Not fit for Building Control applications and any other use not recommended by us
Important Note
Please read 1. Please enquire for existing house larger than 8rooms or 1500sqft before placing the order.... 2. Product delivery is subject to our assessment of feasibility of your requirements, appointment availability, and Terms & Conditions.... 3. We reserve right to review our prices or cancel your order anytime. VAT will be applicable on the above prices and will be added in your shopping cart for full price.... 4. Planning permission is a result of local authority assessment and we can’t influence their final decision.... 5. This product is backed with guarantee of 'No Win No Fee'. We will do all the necessary amendments asked by local authority to increase chances of permission. If we can’t win in the first round of application then we will resubmit with a revised proposal in line with local authority feedback, and if we can’t achieve in the second round, then we will refund you our full price. You will only pay local authority application fees which is non-refundable, we do not ask for more money, that’s our price promise guarantee!.... 6. As Planning application is a long process we request you to have patience and allow our expert agents to deal with the authority’s queries in a timely way. Usually the application process takes 8-12weeks, however this may be prolonged considerably due to local authority caseload and resubmissions…. 7. We will inform you of your submission/s and provide you with a reference number so you can make the required application fee directly to the authority. We do not include government fees or any other fees in our product price…. 8. If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact us, we are here to help!....9. Any meeting/site visit fee other than survey fee is not included, it will be charged separately.... Note: Due to bespoke nature of the product (MADE-TO-ORDER) we cannot offer you cancellation or refund once we have booked the survey, however, the 'No Win No Fee' guarantee is still applicable.

Plans for Subdivision of House (Stage-2 Full Planning)

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